Linus taking a photo

// Photo Disclaimer

My favourite types of photos are those of candid people, capturing moments that aren't posed. This however means that I sometimes take photos of people that they find embarrassing or unflattering. This is never my intention! But everyone has a different view of how they want to be represented on the web.

If I have taken a photo of you that you don't like, just let me know! And I'll take it down from facebook, instagram or wherever I uploaded it.

I usually try to give a link to full size images when posting albums, If I haven't and you would like a full resolution version of a photo (facebook does some pretty horrible compression to images) just let me know.

Lastly feel free to use my images wherever you want. My only request is that you don't use images of other people in a way that they might find offensive. Also feel free to tag me as the photographer (although even if you don't I don't mind that much, photos are meant to be shared).

Linus Karsai